Project Task Management Free

Project Management

  • Manage clients, files, tasks, and team members right inside a Project with ease. Nothing is ever more than a few clicks away, ensuring you always have what you need right at your fingertips.
  • Easily view your workload for all Projects at once using the ‘MyTasks’ menu, or drill down into a specific Project to get a more detailed view of the progress your team is making.
  • Admins and Managers can easily view tasks related to all users from all of their Projects in one place from the ‘All Tasks’ menu.
  • Assigned users will always know what their individual responsibilities are, between automated emails and in-browser system notifications.
  • Easily locate a specific Task using filters, sorting, and tagging. ‘Filter Profiles’ allow you to define preset multi-field filters for future use.
Time Tracking App

Time Tracking

  • Allow users to track of how much time they are spending on a particular task, project, or job, in either automatic or manual fashion.
  • Timers can be ‘automatic’ (like an online stopwatch), to easily keep track of real-time work, with simple ‘Start’, ‘Pause’, and ‘Stop/Complete’ functions. Alternatively, Timers can be used to manually track time spent away from SuiteDash that just needs recording. Either method will result in a Timer that can be converted easily for Billing purposes.
  • Completed Timers can be converted into Estimates or invoices in the form of billable hours, and your client can be automatically billed for the time spent. Billing clients at an hourly rate couldn’t be easier.
  • Timers can be directly added as ‘Items” to new or existing Estimates, Invoices, Recurring Profiles, or Accumulating Profiles.
Client File Sharing Upload Download

3D File Sharing

  • Upload and assign files to one, some, or all users in your installation (including clients and team members). Automatic email notifications ensure everyone is immediately notified of any new files assigned ot them.
  • Any user can be allowed to ‘manage’ their assigned files by the admin, even giving the user the option to control who else is assigned to file, who can download or delete it, and even who else can manage these permissions.
  • The admin has full control over what types of files they want to allow or disallow, with the ability to ‘disable’ specific file extensions if desired.
  • Easily manage updates and changes to certain files using ‘Versions’, which allow users to upload new files ‘over’ existing ones, without deleting the previous file, giving you a file ‘history’ for easy access later.
Online Internal Chat Instant Messaging

Team Talk

  • Easily send and receive messages with all team member assigned to a Project using Team Talk. Treat it like a Project-specific message board, only accessible to ‘internal’ users assigned to a Project.
  • Post Project updates, provide guidelines from the client, and answer any questions your Team may have in a Project-specific ‘bulletin board’ that is accessible to all team members assigned to the Project.
  • Access to Team Talk is controlled, with only Admins, assigned Project Managers, and assigned Team Members having access, which means all communication is secure and only visible to those that absolutely need it.
  • Automatic email notifications related to Team Talk messages ensure everyone involved stays in the loop, and no questions or answers fall through the cracks or delay work.

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