Project Management

  • Organize clients, team members, tasks, files, and messages within a Project, all related to a single particular goal or job. Resources can be easily assigned to specific users, to ensure everyone is clear on their individual Project responsibilities.
  • Easily take a Project, and divide it up into Sprints, and then even further into individual Tasks, allowing you to gain complete control of a Project on a micro level, while simultaneously viewing progress on a larger scale.
  • Email notifications related to Tasks and Projects ensures everyone is always aware of their responsibilities.
  • Each task has a history log that allows you to see who’s accessed and updated tasks over time, so that nothing is ever left up to question.

Role-Based Access

  • Control precisely what different users have access to, by assigning them one of built-in the roles, ranging from Admin, to Manager, to Teammate and Salesperson level permissions.
  • Easily delegate duties to your employees, and give them appropriate user roles to match their needed access. Users will have access to different features (Projects, CRM, Invoicing, etc) based on their role.
  • Manage your customers in CRM as well, using different roles to track current, past, and future clients in the sales funnel. Easily Convert customers from Leads, to Prospects, to Clients as the relationship progresses and their access needs change.
  • Further control access on a granular level by assigning users directly to resources.

User Groups/Teams

  • Easily group clients together into ‘Circles’ for quick and easy bulk assignment to resources like pages and files.
  • Send private messages directly to Circles, allowing you to quickly send “bulk” messages to multiple clients at one time. Each client in the Circle will receive their own copy of the message, creating individual threads between you and each client.
  • Assign your employees and other internal users into ‘Teams’, which you can use to easily assign multiple users to a Project with just a few clicks.
  • All ‘internal users’ can be assigned to Teams, including Admins, Teammates, and Project Managers, allowing you to build the perfect group from top to bottom, and easily assign them to new Projects.

3D File Sharing

  • Upload files that are exclusively permissioned to a particular client, set of clients, or even staff members. Automatic email notifications are sent to the assigned users, ensuring no files fall through the cracks.
  • Easily permit clients to upload files themselves for admins to access. 3D File Sharing means a user has full control over the permissions and access of their files, including what users can see it, download it, delete it, and edit it.
  • Files of nearly any type are supported, with the admin even having the option to control upload of specific file types at their discretion.
  • File Versioning lets you always be sure which version of a file is the most recent, and track the changes of the file over time, without needing to delete and manage old files.

Secure Messaging

  • Communicate seamlessly with teammates, staff members, clients and other users privately and securely, 1-on-1 or in group messages.Like having your own private email inbox directly inside your dashboard.
  • Organize messages into folders to ensure you never lose track of an important note or directive. Folders can be created and customized to fit your specific needs.
  • Easily filter messages based on users involved, subject, or date, so that important messages are only a few clicks away.
  • Automatic email notifications send to the corresponding users whenever a new private message is sent, ensuring that the intended recipient will know about the message.

Integrated Live Chat

  • Easily communicate with your team and clients in real-time, with one-on-one Live Chat. Get instant responses to your questions and requests, no more waiting for that morning email to get responded to the next day.
  • Chat ‘Channels’ make it easy to switch back and forth between conversations with different users, ensuring that you can easily multi-task and stay organized.
  • Each Live Chat Channel has it’s own message history, allowing you to find that bit of info from three days ago with ease.
  • Live Chat is integrated into it’s own sidebar that tags along wherever you go, so it is always available no matter where you are inside SuiteDash.
  • Group Chat (coming soon) lets you create Live Chat Channels containing multiple users, for streamlined and efficient group collaboration.
White Label Client Login Portal

Live Stream

  • Keep track of each and every update and action in the Live Stream. From the Live Stream, it’s easy to see updates and keep track of comments on each item, and what updates have been made on Tasks, Sprints, Projects, Estimates, Invoices, Contracts, Clients, and much more.
  • Admins/managers will see updates related to the entire installation, and each item will be stamped with the name of the user who made the change, along with a clickable link that will take you directly to the portion of the system related to that item.
  • Instantaneous updates appear seamlessly in your Stream, ensuring there’s no delay between the action and your knowing about it.
  • Use the Live Stream to get a “bird’s eye view” of everything that is happening with your business, with more detail for every action only being a click away.

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