Work Requests

  • Work Requests allow clients to submit a summary of their desired work, complete with descriptions and an itemized list (pulled from an ‘Items’ list you create beforehand).
  • Integrated comments thread allows you to communicate back and forth with the client, ensuring all details are clear before work begins and money changes hands.
  • When ready, you can convert a Work Request into a Project, and the included ‘Items’ will be converted to individual Tasks within the Project.
  • Work Requests can also be converted into Estimates or Invoices, and the ‘Items’ will be converted into billable Items, complete with pricing based on your preset preferences.

Estimates / Proposals

  • Use ‘Items’, ‘Taxes’, and ‘Discounts’ as building blocks to easily create and send out custom Estimates to potential clients.
  • Clients are notified of their new Estimates via email, and they can easily view and approve their Estimates right inside their portal.
  • You’ll be notified via email as soon as a client approves an Estimate, and it will automatically be converted to an Invoice.
  • Simple work flow allows you to easily go from Estimate, to client approval, to Invoice, to payment.
  • With seamlessly integrated CRM and Billing, you never have to enter any repeated data for any Estimate, Invoice or client.

Dynamic Contracts

  • Auto-generate a written agreement between you and the client, that contains details regarding scope of work, billing, and other items related to a particular project or job.
  • Contracts go hand-in-hand with Billing, and can be automatically generated from Estimates or Invoices.
  • Contract data is automatically filled based on the assigned client and Estimate/Invoice info, and Contracts are easily generated from pre-made templates (that you can design yourself).
  • Contracts are visible to clients inside their dashboard in both browser-based and PDF form, for easy viewing.

Client Talk

  • Client Talk gives you and your clients a Project-specific communication line, allowing you to send messages back and forth in regards to a Project.
  • Clarify any questions you and your Team have, and gather any details needed from the client to complete a Project.
  • Access to Client Talk is controlled, with only Admins, assigned Project Managers, and the client having access, which means all communication is secure and only visible to those that absolutely need it.
  • Automatic email notifications related to Client Talk messages ensure everyone involved stays in the loop, and no questions or answers fall through the cracks or delay work.
  • Threaded messages make accountability, and following the conversation easy and intuitive.

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