Web Based CRM Software

CRM Sales Tool

  • You worked hard to earn your client’s business, but you shouldn’t have to work hard to keep it. Track every client in the CRM sales funnel, and schedule them for follow up ‘Actions’ like emails, phone calls or sales calls with just a few clicks.
  • Use ‘Notes’ to track client history and information, allowing any member of your team (who you assign to the client) to use this data to follow up with the client and lock up their future business using the knowledge you’ve gained.
  • Create monetary ‘Goals’ related to specific clients or companies to motivate your sales team, encouraging them to work towards capturing that holy grail: Repeat Business.
  • Track and view a client’s entire history using ‘Stories’, which let you and your team easily see ‘at-a-glance’ the various actions, notes, and scheduled events related to a particular client.
Email Campaign & Autoresponder

Email Marketing

  • Seamlessly carry over your existing clients from CRM into Email Marketing, allowing you to send follow up email ‘Campaigns’ to your clients.
  • Send Email blasts using a 3rd party SMTP provider like Sendgrid, Mailgun, SendinBlue or MailJet. These ‘whitelisted’ mail services help ensure your emails are not filtered as spam.
  • Campaign ‘Templates’ make email marketing easily repeatable, allowing you to build an Email Campaign once, and then send it continuously and regularly.
  • ‘Schedule’ email blasts to be sent to clients at any time, or you can send them immediately, all on your schedule.
  • Eliminate the need for a 3rd party Email Sender like Mailchimp, Constant Contact or GetResponse.
Duplicate Tasks Project Template

Duplicate Tasks

  • Easily ‘Duplicate’ an existing Task, including all of it’s details and user assignment. Useful for situations where a previously performed action needs to be completed again, while still allowing you to create a new Task ‘branch’ for tracking and history purposes.
  • Duplicated Task details can be modified from the original, or be an exact copy, depending on your needs and preferences.
  • The original Task’s assigned user, Project, and other details are automatically carried over, and the assigned user will be notified of the new Task via email just like a normal Task.
  • Optionally duplicate a Task’s assigned ‘sub-Tasks’ during this process as well, with a simple checkbox.
Recurring Invoices Billing Payments

Recurring Invoices

  • Easily create a ‘Recurring Profile’ for Invoices, and populate the Profile with items, taxes, and discounts as desired.
  • Once the Profile is filled out to your liking, you can set the timeframe for it to recur (weekly, monthly, every 3 months, etc), and assign it to the desire client or clients.
  • The Recurring Profile will begin working, and will generate new Invoices on the set timeframe, with each new Invoice being filled with desired items/taxes/discounts, and assigned to the corresponding client(s).
  • Easily bill your clients on a regular schedule automatically, with no upkeep or maintenance from you beyond the initial setup. Just setup the first Recurring Profile, then sit back and let SuiteDash do the rest.
Project Management Recurring Tasks

Recurring Tasks

  • Create a single Task, and have it automatically recur on a timeframe you choose (weekly, monthly, every Monday and Wednesday, etc).
  • Perfect for managing actions that require regular maintenance, such as managing your website updates/backups, remembering to update a client’s website, and much more.
  • Alternatively use Recurring Tasks to make certain your team members are properly ‘following up’ on previously completed jobs, to ensure work satisfaction.
  • Tasks can be set to recur indefinitely, or for a certain amount of time or iterations (once a month for 6 months, etc), to best fit your requirements for the particular Project.

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